Template motions to consider, July 2023

Template motions on exclusions and bans; for LP conference on Brexit, right to strike, free movement, housing, etc.; for LP women’s conference on abortion rights

Template ordinary motion on Labour Party bans, referring to the Neal Lawson case

Template motion for Labour Party conference on Brexit. (Deadline for CLP motions to conference is 21 September, but many CLPs are deciding motions in July. Conference is 8-11 October in Liverpool)

Template motion for Labour Party conference on the right to strike

Template motion on abortion rights for Labour Party women’s conference, based on text passed by Heeley CLP in June 2023 but abbreviated for the 250-word limit for motions to conference. (Motions for women’s conference are decided by Women’s Branches, if formally constituted, and by CLPs if not. The deadline is 14 September. Women’s conference is 7 October in Liverpool)

Labour Campaign for Free Movement template motion, and a long list of template motions from Momentum, including a curtailed version of that LCFM text. See below for more on this.

Labour Campaign for Council Housing template motion

The following version of the LCFM template motion has been submitted by Oldham East CLP. We understand something similar has been submitted by Southampton Test CLP. It will be very useful in compositing if a CLP submits the full version of the LCFM template motion, including the final line stating the principle of free movement.

Towards a humane and internationalist immigration policy’

Conference calls for safe asylum routes for those fleeing war and all other plights covered by our responsibilities under the 1951 Refugee Convention.

The government’s inhumane immigration policy is illustrated by its betrayal of Afghan refugees, Windrush scandal victims, and everyone crossing the Channel; its legislative assault on the right to seek asylum; and the brutal Rwandan deportation scheme.

Restricting migrant workers’ rights and making them precarious undermines all workers’ power to push back against exploitation together.

Conference applauds PCS trade unionists, whose strike threats and legal action defeated maritime “pushback” plans.

Labour will commit in power, and campaign in opposition and at the grassroots, to:

  1. repeal the Nationality and Borders Act, Illegal Migration Bill and anti-migrant legislation;
  2. reject immigration systems based on numerical caps, minimum income/wealth requirements, or utility to employers;
  3. ensure safe, legal routes for asylum seekers, day-one rights to work, education and social security, and expand family reunion rights;
  4. abolish “no recourse to public funds”, NHS charges & restrictions, and all Hostile Environment policies;
  5. introduce a simple process for all UK residents to gain permanent residency;
  6. grant equal voting rights for all with leave to remain;
  7. close all immigration detention centres;
  8. support workers refusing to implement deportations, Hostile Environment measures and pushbacks;
  9. re-enter Europe’s free movement area, and pursue free movement agreements with other countries, including in future trade deals, with the goal of equal free movement for all.

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