Template motion on Labour Party bans referring to the Neal Lawson case

Comrades may find the following wording useful as a basis

Comrades may find the following wording useful as a basis.

We regret the March 2019 ruling which debars CLP motions on individual disciplinary cases, such as the threat to exclude Neal Lawson, or before that the exclusions from the Labour Party of Andrea Egan, then president of Unison, and Martin Mayer, a former representative of Unite on the Labour NEC. We note the following comment by Jon Cruddas MP: “the most rightwing, illiberal faction in the party has been handed control to decide who is and is not a member. They are settling scores and are clearly embarked on a witch-hunt – not just of the Corbynite left but of mainstream democrats within the party”.

We make the following general points:


• believe that exclusions for actions that were within Labour Party rules at the time they were carried out (e.g. “shares” on social media for items from groups later banned) to be contrary to natural justice

• call on the National Executive to rescind the bans imposed on Workers’ Liberty and Socialist Appeal

• declare that Labour Party will be better able to defeat the Tories if we organise as a broad party with a range of views, with disciplinary action only after due process and for specific harmful actions.

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