Two-child benefit cap: template motion from Momentum and others, July 2023

Demanding Keir Starmer keep to Labour policy against the two-child benefit cap

This CLP

Believes that the two child limit unfairly penalises children for the size of the families into which they are born, something which is no fault of their own.

Notes that maintaining the two child limit is estimated by the Child Poverty Action Group to be responsible for keeping 250,000 children below the poverty line.

Believes that the two child limit is discriminatory towards members of minority ethnic and faith groups who traditionally have large family sizes, and is damaging to the financial position of women (including single mothers) who have been pressured into having more than two children.

Agrees with the Deputy Leader of the Party Angela Rayner when she called the two child limit “obscene” and the Shadow DWP Secretary Jon Ashworth when he referred to it as “heinous”.

Is appalled by the announcement by Sir Keir Starmer that Labour would retain the two child limit in any reform of the welfare system on the grounds of “affordability” and “fiscal credibility”, and notes that it is estimated that this would push 250,000 children into poverty.

Observes that this policy announcement was made without reference to previous decisions of Annual Conference and in anticipation of the National Policy Forum meeting.

And therefore calls on Sir Keir Starmer to reverse this ludicrous and damaging position, and instead to develop tax policies which raise revenue from those most able to afford it, and reiterate Labour’s unequivocal commitment to scrapping the two child limit and ending child poverty in the UK.

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