Momentum announces 17 January schedule

Momentum has announced that an “interim proposal” for democratic reform will be published on 17 January 2022

Momentum has published a new timeline for its review of structures. This was the main plank of the Forward Momentum slate which won the National Coordinating Group (NCG) elections in July 2020, but deadlines in September, October, November, and December 2021 (when the process was scheduled to conclude) passed without explanation or comment.

The new timetable is:

January 17: interim proposal published. 3 week window for local groups, affiliates and individual members to submit feedback and suggested amendments (closing February 8)

Late February: Assemblies meet, discuss, factor in feedback and amendments, and prepare final proposals

March: Assemblies present proposals to the NCG at a special March meeting, with the NCG able to suggest amendments or prepare counter proposals to go to an all-member ballot. The Assemblies must meet once to consider any amendments from the NCG

Late March: all member ballot

2022: all changes put into place

No-one much seems to know how the “Momentum Assemblies” are working, if at all. It is not clear whether the “interim proposal” is a single option (selected from discussion so far how, and by whom?) or a range of options, and whether the final all-member ballot will be a take-it-or-leave-it vote on a single option or a choice between a range.

We have published:

A charter for Momentum democracy


two simple proposals for the current democracy review – democratic regional networks, and a sovereign annual conference.

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