What’s happened to Momentum’s democracy process?

Labour Left Internationalists has today, 4 December, sent the letter below to the Momentum NCG.

Labour Left Internationalists has today, 4 December, sent the letter below to the Momentum NCG.

I’m writing to the Momentum NCG on behalf of Labour Left Internationalists (formerly Momentum Internationalists: the change in name is designed to signal a broadening of our activity, and not any move to stop supporting or participating in Momentum).
First, I’d like to express our thanks and appreciation for the publicity which the Momentum Twitter account has given to the Sheffield couriers’ dispute, which a number of LLI activists are involved in.
Second, though, we want to ask what has happened to the process announced for developing new democratic structures in Momentum.
According to the schedule published earlier this year, final proposals should be going to the Momentum NCG today. But as far as we have been able to find out, earlier stages of that process (the 26 September and 24 October deadlines) have vanished.
We’ve consulted the NCG minutes on the Momentum website, but the most recent minutes there are from 5 September. Understandably, they are mainly about Momentum activity at Labour Party conference. There’s no mention of any change of plan or postponement of the schedule for developing new democratic structures.
Please let us, and other Momentum members, know about this.
Thanks, Martin Thomas
Below is the schedule published earlier this year:
September 26: interim proposal published. 4 week window for local groups, affiliates and individual members to submit amendments (closing October 24)

October 24: Assemblies meet, discuss, factor in feedback and amendments, and prepare final proposals over a 3 week period

November: Assemblies present proposals to the NCG at a special mid-November meeting, opening up a 3 week period for the NCG to suggest amendments or prepare counter proposals to go to an all-member ballot. The Assemblies must meet once to consider any amendments from the NCG

December 4: Final proposals are presented by the Momentum Assemblies to the NCG for consideration at the December 4 meeting. The proposals will be approved for an all-member ballot

December: all member ballot

PS [6 December] – After inquiries by one of us on the Momentum Slack, we have some info:

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