Call on Labour to stop Rosebank development

A statement and template motion for CLPs to express opposition to for further fossil-fuel fields in the North Sea, including the giant Rosebank field

A statement and template motion, produced by some activists in the Unite union, for CLPs to express opposition to the Tories’ rush to issue licences for further fossil-fuel fields including the giant Rosebank field and to “max out” the North Sea, and the Labour leaders’ pledge “not to revoke” those licences.

Even the conservative International Energy Agency calls for no “new long lead time conventional oil and gas projects”.

At Labour Party conference (8-11 October 2023), sadly none of the “Climate change and ecology” or “Energy” motions contains a clear statement on this. Labour Left Internationalists circulated a template, but didn’t have the strength to get take-up. But we can get take-up for the statement at conference and build up pressure in the months following.

Labour’s commitment not to issue new licences becomes ineffective if fossil-fuel corporations know they need only get their application rushed through in the last days of Tory rule, and then, even if they have done no work to develop the new extraction, Labour will honour the Tories’ offers.

Read and sign here.

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