Suggested text for motions on the Sunak-Hunt cuts

Proposals on idea to combat the 17 November Tory package

We resolve to combat the cuts planned by the Tory government, including the stealth cuts which come from the increased costs of items which public services have to buy in, etc.

We support NHS and other public sector workers’ demands for better pay, and call for public sector budgets to be raised to accommodate the increased wage costs.

We call on Labour to commit to:
• a wealth tax
• increased taxation of capital gains, corporate profits, and ultra-high incomes
to raise resources to repair the NHS and other public services, to fund public-service pay rises, and for green transformation.

We call on Labour explicitly to reject the authority of the Office for Budgetary projections as an iron frame for economic policy. Those projections are based on approximate estimates of future growth, world conditions, etc., which will almost surely be inaccurate. They codify half a million unemployed as an inevitability, which it isn’t if public services and green transformation are expanded.

There is a danger of a “flight of capital” hitting even Labour spending plans well funded by tax rises. We call on Labour to commit to public ownership of high finance, in line with TUC policy 2012, in order to gain the levers for economic policy to be controlled by elected representatives rather than unelected global profiteers.

We call on Labour to commit to rewinding Brexit, and immediately to rejoining the Single Market, free movement, and Customs Union. That will resolve the clashes around the Northern Ireland Protocol in a constructive way and free extra economic resources for public services and green transformation.

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