Motion: “Support the strikes. Cut profits, tax the rich, raise wages”

Millions face real-terms pay cuts – after a decade of wage stagnation or cuts for most.

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Support the strikes. Cut profits, tax the rich, raise wages

Notes that:
1. Millions face real-terms pay cuts – after a decade of wage stagnation or cuts for most.
2. Over many years, and particularly the last two, profits have soared and the rich got even richer.

Believes that:

1. What people need urgently is not one-off payments, necessary as those may be, but higher incomes, ie higher wages and benefits.
2. Our movement must demand companies cut profits to raise pay; a significantly higher minimum wage; and that the rich and corporations are taxed to fund rebuilt public services, including increased public-sector pay and increased benefits. Failing to demand this means accepting the working class should suffer more.
3. Workers and unions are right to campaign for urgent at-least-inflation pay rises, to defend and improve conditions, and to defend jobs.
4. Strikes are essential to this. As a party of the labour movement, Labour at every level must actively support strikes. Every Labour MP must speak out in support and join picket lines.
5. We must demand repeal of all anti-strike / anti-union laws, in line with our conference policy.

Resolves to:
1. Call for Labour to campaign for: improved pay and conditions for all workers, including urgent at-least-inflation pay rises; reduction of profits to do this; an immediate increase in the minimum wage to at least £11ph, increasing to £15ph by 2024; taxation of the wealth and incomes of the rich and corporate profits to fund a rebuilt public sector, including at-least-inflation and soon restorative pay rises, and greatly increased benefits; and repeal of all anti-union laws.
2. Actively support strikes and mobilise members for picket lines.
3. Call on the whole party, all Labour MPs [including ours…] and the leadership to actively support strikes and attend / encourage attendance at picket lines.
4. Send this motion to the NEC and publish it.

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