Suggested wording on Ukraine for Labour conference 2022

Support Ukraine, support its labour movement

Some suggested wording below on Ukraine for Labour conference 2022. We didn’t submit wording on Ukraine to the Momentum “policy primary” earlier in 2022, because text formulated then would be likely to be out of date by the time local Labour Parties debate motions for conference, usually in July, August, or September. The deadline for submitting motions is 15 September.

Support Ukraine, support its labour movement

Conference notes
1. That Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has led to tens of thousands of civilian deaths; nine million fleeing Ukraine and ten million internally displaced; horrendous human rights abuses by the Russian army; and a global food crisis.

Conference believes
1. That Russia’s war, waged by a power that oppressed Ukraine for centuries and only lost control of it in 1991, is imperialism in an extremely crude and brutal form.
2. That for the sake of democracy and anti-imperialism globally, Ukraine must win.
3. That Western governments have not given Ukraine enough weapons to defend itself effectively. Meanwhile the Tory government:
– Has accepted few refugees and failed to support them;
– Opposes cancelling Ukraine’s external debt;
– Has actively promoted legislation undermining workers’ rights in Ukraine.

Conference resolves
1. To declare strong solidarity with Ukraine’s people and labour movement against Russian imperialism, and with Russia’s anti-war movement and independent labour movement.
2. That Labour will campaign for:
– Self-determination for Ukraine, with any peace deal determined by Ukraine’s people and government, not foreign powers;
– Increased military support for Ukraine, while opposing increased UK defence spending;
– Safe routes, sanctuary and equality for refugees fleeing Ukraine and all other conflicts and persecution;
– Cancellation of Ukraine’s debt;
– And in solidarity with Ukraine’s labour movement and left, supporting their fight against the Ukrainian government’s and employers’ attacks on workers’ rights and for a just reconstruction; promoting Ukrainian unions’ fundraising appeals; encouraging CLPs to invite Ukrainian labour movement speakers.

(250 words, not including title)

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