Defend Jess Barnard!

Another arbitrary attempt at purge by Labour HQ.

By Stephen Wood

Jess Barnard, the Chair of Young Labour, has reported that she was currently under investigation by the Labour party for tweeting her opposition to transphobia!

The two tweets highlighted are in no clear breach of Labour party rules, nor even in opposition to any existing policy. We understand the Labour party now say the investigation was “a mistake”.

Young Labour is currently in dispute regarding their own conference and the type of activity they can hold at Labour party conference. It seems likely that the party machine has chosen to attack Barnard in the run up to Labour party conference using the flimsiest of reasons. Or at least some elements of the machine. Labour HQ has now said that the notice of investigation was a mistake, and apologised.

Momentum Internationalists has been concerned by the wave of investigations and suspensions that started late 2020 and has continued following the NEC decision to proscribe four groups.

While most supporters of Momentum Internationalists would have little time for the politics of these organisations, the “guilt by association” and rush to suspend people is concerning. This includes cases like Pamela Fitzpatrick, who has been charged with “support” for Socialist Appeal because she was interviewed in their paper before they were proscribed.

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