Demands to Labour conference for workers’ rights

Motions on anti-union laws, sick pay, zero-hours, fire-rehire, and more.

Motions with the following demands have been submitted to Labour Party conference.

Conference notes TUC Congress 2020 agreed to “organise a special conference… on opposing the anti-union laws” and a national demonstration. The party will encourage CLPs to support and get involved in these when they become possible.

Conference reaffirms the party’s opposition to all anti-union and anti-strike legislation, its commitment to repealing all such laws when next in government, and to legislating to enshrine workers’ rights to, as per TUC policy: “join, recruit to, and be represented by an independent union; strike/take industrial action by a process, at a time, and for demands of their own choosing, including in solidarity with any other workers, and for broader social and political goals; and picket freely”.

From motion submitted by North East Bedfordshire CLP

Conference therefore calls the Labour Party to work closely with TUC, STUC, WTUC and individual unions to campaign for:

  • an Employment Bill: Day 1 rights for all workers and repealing all anti-trade union laws
  • worker status for gig economy workers; end spurious self-employment
  • prohibition of fire and rehire tactics
  • ban zero-hours contracts
  • end outsourcing in public services
  • better work-life balance, a legal right to flexible working by default, a ‘right to switch off’ so that homes don’t become 24/7 offices, and reductions in working hours without loss of pay
  • increasing statutory sick pay to a living wage, to be paid from day one of absence; and for the lower earnings limit that means low paid workers are not entitled to SSP to be abolished
  • £15 ph statutory minimum wage.

From motion submitted by Derby South CLP

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