For solidarity and internationalism: towards a socialist immigration policy

Labour Campaign for Free Movement motion for Momentum policy primary

Labour Campaign for Free Movement motion for Momentum policy primary

Covid-19 has underlined how racist policies like the Hostile Environment hurt us all. Excluded from social and medical support, migrants have been left hyper-vulnerable to their employers. Many EU citizens are falling through gaps in the Settled Status scheme. 

Attacks on migrants are attacks on the labour movement. Making migrant workers precarious diminishes our power to unionise and fight back.

The Stansted 15’s exoneration, appalling conditions at Napier Barracks, deaths in the Channel, the ramping-up of deportations, and closing of safe routes for child refugees all highlight the cruelty of Tory migration policy.

Labour must build solidarity, campaign against all legislation that downgrades the rights of any UK resident based on immigration status, and provide a humane, internationalist alternative.

Conference resolves that Labour will work at all government levels, and campaign at the grassroots, to:

  • Re-enter Europe’s free movement area, and pursue free movement with other countries, including in all future trade deals;
  • Reject immigration systems based on migrants’ incomes, savings or utility to employers, or number targets;
  • Abolish “no recourse to public funds” policies, minimum income requirements, and all Hostile Environment policies including restrictions on NHS access;
  • Introduce an easy process for all UK residents to gain permanent residency with equal rights;
  • Introduce equal voting rights for all UK residents;
  • Guarantee safe, legal routes for refugees seeking sanctuary in the UK, and guarantee family reunion rights;
  • End all immigration raids, detention and deportation, especially childhood-arrival deportations and racist “double sentencing”;
  • Replace Settled Status with an automatic Right to Stay.

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