25 February event: Labour, Hong Kong & the Uyghurs

Meeting with John McDonnell MP, Tahmena Joyan, and others. 6pm on Zoom

Click here for more info and to attend the event

Internationalists, democrats and socialists owe our solidarity and support to the Uyghur Muslims of western China, who are being targeted by the Beijing government with mass internment, abuse, torture and denial of their rights.

We must also support the workers’ movement in Hong Kong, which is fighting off a draconian security law and facing increasingly stiff repression.

But at the same time, the Labour Party and the left should resist boosting the US government’s anti-Chinese “new Cold War” rhetoric. We have to be independent – but how?

Momentum Internationalists are organising this forum to discuss Labour, the left and our attitude to social struggles in China.

Speakers invited from: Labour Movement Solidarity with Hong Kong

Uyghur Solidarity Campaign

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