Supporting a 15% pay rise for health workers

Pass this motion in your local Labour party and support the health workers fight for 15%.

This BLP/CLP notes:

1.The incredibly hard work undertaken by workers in the health and care sector during the COVID-19 pandemic.

2. The lack of a real-terms pay rise for workers in the health and care sector during a decade of Tory austerity which has led to pay being eroded by nearly 20% since 2010 in some cases.

3. The staff shortages and alarming rate of staff turnover in healthcare with, for example, more than one third of nurses considering leaving the profession in the next 12 months.

4. The emergence of the grassroots campaign NHS Workers Say No to Public Sector Pay Inequality calling for a 15% pay rise across the board for all NHS workers on Agenda for Change contracts, and for outsourced services in the NHS to be brought back in house.

5. The support given to the 15% demand from Labour-affiliated unions GMB and Unite.

This BLP/CLP believes:

  1. A well-funded, well-staffed, public health system, free at the point of use, is a cornerstone of a civilised society.

2. Staffing issues in the health and care sector will not be addressed without granting a significant pay rise and ending the two-tier workforce created by outsourcing.

3. Resolving these staffing issues is key to ensuring good patient care.

4. Many workers in the care sector endure shockingly low wages and should be covered by sectoral collective bargaining.

5. Our health workers deserve a 15% pay rise.

6. It is time for the care sector to be taken into public ownership.

This BLP/CLP resolves:

  1. To publicly support the demands of the NHS Workers Say No to Public Sector Pay Inequality campaign and make links with the campaign locally.

2. To write expressing our support for the campaign to the Party’s National Executive Committee and the Leader’s Office in the hope that the national Party will support the campaign.

3. To make a policy submission to the Party’s National Policy Forum under ‘The health and social care system after to coronavirus’ on the principles laid out in this motion.

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