Template motion on abortion rights

You will probably need to adapt the text for May meetings in the light of the Parliamentary votes on Diana Johnson’s and Stella Creasy’s amendments to the Criminel Justice Bill

Based on a motion passed by Sheffield Heeley CLP in June 2023, but abbreviated to keep short (Islington North CLP, for example, has a 200-word limit on motions) and to allow room for updating in light of the votes on amendments to the Criminal Justice Bill.

We believe:

Dealing with abortion within criminal law restricts and stigmatises both those who request an abortion and the healthcare professionals who provide that care.

• In addition, policy barriers to safe abortion include underfunded services, the requirement in legislation that approval must be given by other people or institutions, limits on when during pregnancy an abortion can take place.

• Social reasons for women delaying seeking services include lack of recognition of pregnancy, family or relationship breakdown, domestic violence, sexual assault or rape, or denial of pregnancy due to social fears. Later abortion disproportionately involves teenage or vulnerable women.

• Such barriers can lead to critical delays in accessing treatment and increase risk of unsafe abortion, stigmatisation, and health complications.

We further believe:

• Nobody should face prison for a decision about their own body and health care.

• Abortion should be considered as a healthcare procedure.

• Abortion should be available on demand as early as possible and as late as necessary.

We call on Labour to commit to:

Decriminalisation of abortion provision, as pledged in our 2019 manifesto.

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