Submissions for Momentum convention, 10 March 2024

The deadline for submissions is 18 February 2024.

Some of us have made submissions along the lines below at Momentum’s motions portal for its online convention on 10 March 2024 (click here to register for the convention).

Two “strategic priority” submissions are listed. The convention is not limited to deciding just two or three strategic priorities, and we trust others will make submissions for worker-led green conversion of economic life, and revival of Labour Party democracy, as priorities. We have submitted “reverse Brexit”, and housing, as priorities, because we want to be double-sure they get on the agenda. Brexit is a big issue for us, since we trace our roots to the Labour For a Socialist Europe movement; and housing was one of the foremost issues at 2022 and 2023 Labour conference winning many motions from CLPs and yet excluded from the conference floor because the priorities ballots were swung towards prioritising issues where composites would be blander and less controversial.



Tax the rich to rebuild the NHS!


This would be a campaign to mobilise people in CLPs and affiliated unions for pressure on an incoming Labour government (and the Labour leadership in the run-up to the general election). The aim: get Labour to commit to, and carry through, higher taxes on the rich and big business to fund rebuilding the NHS.

It would involve joint work with groups like Keep Our NHS Public; motions to CLPs and to union conferences and to Labour conference 2024 (if held); lobbying MPs; Momentum efforts to mobilise for and organise contingents (with banners, placards, etc.) on pro-NHS demonstrations and NHS workers’ picket lines; social media output from Momentum to spread the message.

How contribute?

The first of Momentum’s stated aims is “to work for the election of a socialist Labour government”. Adequate health is a precondition for everything, and so the most minimal of minimal definitions of socialism must include social provision of healthcare for everyone. With escalated waiting lists, the NHS is falling short of that. With this campaign, Momentum can both politically educate, and by showing itself willing and able to mobilise resources for urgent political need, “grow our membership and the Party, by reaching out to convince people of our purpose”.

Strategic priorities


Reversing Brexit


Brexit is by no means “done”. Full border controls on imports from the EU to the UK have been postponed to 31 October 2024, even if the Tories are still in office then and do not postpone further. The Trade and Cooperation Agreement of 2020 must be reviewed five years after its entry into force. The provisions for Northern Ireland are unstable. The Tories pose a standing threat of a bonfire of regulations derived from the EU.

Most Labour supporters want Brexit reversed. This would be a campaign to help them find a voice, both for specific measures (e.g. restore free movement between EU and UK, rejoin Single Market) and for the general aim of reversing Brexit. It would involve motions in CLPs and at conferences, Momentum mobilisation for and participation (with banners and placards) on “Rejoin EU” demonstrations, joint work with groups like Another Europe is Possible.

How contribute?

Momentum’s second stated principle is “internationalism and a movement that works cooperatively with its allies across the world for socialism and peace”. Our commitments include “support social struggles and movements and act as a bridge, channelling their demands into the Labour Party”. This campaign would contribute to restoring full rights to workers who migrate across Europe and to unifying struggles to “level up” workers’ rights and conditions across Europe.


Good, affordable low-emissions housing for all


As the Labour Campaign for Council Housing states: a “large scale council housing programme… is critical for resolving the homelessness crisis”. This requires “end Right to Buy, as in Scotland and Wales, to stop the loss of stock”, an increase in funds “available for building or acquiring council housing”, and “funding Housing Revenue Accounts adequately to improve the quality of homes”. It would allow “an emergency programme for decarbonisation of all council homes”. Many CLPs submitted motions along such lines at Labour conferences 2022 and 2023, but saw housing pushed of the agenda. This campaign would involve working with LCCH and others to push housing up Labour agendas both nationally and locally, by educational work and by submitting motions, campaigning in priorities ballots, and lobbying MPs and councillors for support.

How contribute?

Momentum’s principles commit to “a democratic economy in which… key… services are owned and controlled by the public and local communities” and to recognising that “climate change is the biggest challenge of our times”. This campaign will help to “support social struggles and movements and act as a bridge, channelling their demands into the Labour Party” and to develop Momentum local groups active on housing issues locally.

Constitutional amendment

Delete existing 16.1-16.3.

Add a new 16.1, and renumber accordingly:

16.1. Momentum shall organise a biennial in-person Convention. Delegates to the Convention shall comprise:

(i) Any eligible Momentum member that registers to attend a minimum of one week before the Convention

(ii) Delegates from affiliated trade unions.

The Convention shall have the power to debate and decide on policy and campaign and strategic priorities for the organisation; and to debate and vote on constitutional amendments which, subject to the conditions of Rules 16.5 and 16.6, will then go to a ballot of all Momentum members for approval or rejection as laid out in Rule 11.5 (ii).


What is Momentum’s policy? Who decides it? Every single organisation in the labour movement – every union, most factions and the party itself – has a regular conference, usually annual, and there is a reason for this.

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