Template motion on insourcing cleaning on London Underground

Text from Labour4Labour

· This [Branch/CLP] supports Labour’s pledge in the New Deal for Working People to ‘oversee the biggest wave of insourcing of public services for a generation’;

· Believes that wherever Labour is in power it should be working to end the scourge of outsourcing, which creates low pay, two-tier workforces and reinforces inequality;

· Notes with concern that TfL has extended its outsourcing contract with ABM, in which 2,000 London Underground cleaners are employed on low pay, without sick pay or pension provision.

· Notes that the campaign to insource these cleaners has won support from across the labour movement including the TUC, the London Labour Regional Executive, the Labour Group in the London Assembly, 11 London Labour MPs, 9 London Labour peers and more than 200 London Labour Councillors.

· Welcomes the Mayor’s action in giving these cleaners free travel but calls on him to commit TfL to insourcing this contract in April and to work with the RMT to negotiate a proposal that can deliver this policy.

· Agrees to write to the Mayor enclosing this resolution and stating our support for the insourcing of London’s Underground cleaners.

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