“Labour for Labour” model motion, Jan 2023

Labour should stand with workers in their hour of need, including by attending picket lines and backing an inflation-proof pay rise for workers

This CLP notes:

  1. The wave of industrial action taking place at the moment, as rail workers, nurses, paramedics, teachers, firefighters, posties, bus drivers strike to defend their jobs, pay & conditions in a cost-of-living crisis;
  2. That locally [XYZ] are currently/ about to embark upon strike action
  3. That the Conservative Government has refused to support inflation-proof pay rises for workers, sabotaged rail negotiations and attacked key workers;
  4. That the Labour Party was founded by trade unions to give a political voice to workers;
  5. That Conference 2022 unanimously backed the UNISON-GMB motion, which committed the Party to supporting “pay increases at least in line with inflation”;
  6. That Conference also backed a CWU-Unite motion offering “unequivocal support to all UK workers taking strike action for higher pay & in defence of their jobs, terms & conditions;
  7. That Labour’s leadership has not yet backed an inflation-proof pay rise for workers, instead restating its support for the supposedly independent pay review process;
  8. That these pay bodies have been criticised by unions and others as not being independent
  9. That research from Unite shows that profit margins for the UK’s biggest companies are 73% higher than pre-pandemic levels and runaway profits are responsible for 59% of inflation in the last year.
  10. That polling shows public support for every sector of workers striking, with 60% backing nurses.
  11. That the Tories are currently attempting to restrict the right to strike for public sector workers.

This CLP believes:

  1. That the Tories have failed the working class of Britain, and that their treatment of workers is deplorable;
  2. That workers should not pay the price for a Tory cost-of-living crisis;
  3. That Labour should stand with workers in their hour of need, including by attending picket lines and backing an inflation-proof pay rise for workers;
  4. That Labour is right to oppose the Tories attempts to criminalise key workers for taking strike action;
  5. That a unified labour movement can win these battles
  6. That wealth taxes would be more than sufficient to fund public-sector pay rises (7).

This CLP resolves:

  1. To write to the NEC stating the CLP’s wish for the Party to abide by the aforementioned motions passed at Conference;
  2. To restate its solidarity with striking workers and an inflation-proof pay rise, to be paid for by new wealth taxes;
  3. To lobby the NEC in favour of repealing new and existing anti-trade union laws;
  4. To organise delegations of Labour members to attend picket lines locally, asking all councillors and elected office holders locally to join.

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