Motion for Labour conference on cost-of-living crisis, wages, strikes

Suggested text for motions for the 2022 Labour conference

If you want to propose a motion to Labour Party conference (25-28 September, Liverpool) on the current wave of attacks on the working-class living standards, and the growing wave of resistance, please use or adapt this text. (Remember you must stick to 250 words, and 10 for the title.) To let us know if you do, or to get help: The deadline to submit is 15 September.

If you can’t send this motion to conference, please pass in your CLP anyway, adapting as appropriate. You might consider adding to the “resolves” section, to promote local mobilisation in support of strikes and protests.

The cost-of-living crisis, unions and Labour

Conference notes:
1. That millions face real-terms pay cuts – after a decade of wage stagnation or cuts – and many plunging into dire poverty, while profits soar and the rich get even richer.

Conference believes:
1. That people need permanently higher incomes: higher wages and benefits. Surging inflation also means services need much more funding, particularly after years of cuts.
2. That we must demand companies cut profits to raise pay, and the rich and corporations are taxed to save and rebuild public services, including increased public-sector pay and benefits.
3. That workers and unions are right to campaign for at-least-inflation pay rises, to defend and improve conditions, and defend jobs.
4. That strikes are essential to this. As a party of the labour movement, Labour at every level – including our leadership and MPs – must actively support strikes.
5. That we must fight to repeal all the Thatcher-era and recent laws hindering unions and strikes, in line with conference policy.

Conference resolves:
1. That Labour must campaign for:
Improved pay and conditions, including urgent at-least-inflation pay and benefit rises;
Higher taxes on profits and the incomes and wealth of the rich to fund a rebuilt public sector, including at-least-inflation and soon restorative pay rises;
Increased benefits; immediately raising Universal Credit £40 a week, then increasing to £260 (TUC demand);
Immediately raising the minimum wage to London Living Wage-level, removing differentials and exemptions, £15ph by 2024;
Repealing all anti-union laws.
2. That the whole party should actively support strikes and workers’ struggles.

(250 words)

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