Labour Left Internationalists candidates for Momentum NCG, June 2022

Vote for LLI candidates in London and Eastern, and transfer to YM there; vote YM in other regions.

London and Eastern region:

  1. Maisie Sanders
  2. Abel Harvie-Clark
  3. Andy Warren

In other regions, and for transfers after voting for LLI, we recommend voting for Your Momentum rather than Momentum Organisers. It’s an STV election.

Our political platform for this election:

LLI candidate Andy Warren is a firefighter and Fire Brigades Union activist in London. He told us:

“With the huge class fight that is starting now, in terms of prices and wages and the wider social crisis, we all know the Labour Party is doing an awful job of supporting workers. That’s something Momentum could make a huge difference with – through its own campaigning, and through pushing Labour – but it has to reorient to do it.

“In the fire service we face a potentially very serious struggle in the not too distant future to defend our right to collective bargaining, which the Tories have made it very clear they want to demolish,. We’ll need support from an engaged and mobilised Labour left.

“I also want to emphasise the question of internationalism. Ukraine has sort of fallen out the media window, and Labour is quite happy to let Johnson dominate the agenda on it. By failing to back Ukraine, sections of the left are contributing to this. We need a left that is absolutely clear that when a small country is harried by a much bigger imperial bully, we stand against that.

“LLI can’t be more than a small minority on the Momentum NCG, but there are many issues we can work with a range of people on, despite disagreeing on other issues. It will take us being there to raise many issues and struggles that are crucial.”

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