Suggested wording for trans rights motions for LP women’s conference

Labour women’s conference is 19-20 March 2022, online. CLPs must send in motions and delegacies by 11 February.


In 2019, hate crimes against trans and non-binary people recorded by police in the UK increased by 81%

A 2012 survey found that 48% of trans people in the UK had attempted suicide at least once, and 84% had thought about it.

In the UK, the waiting list to be seen by an NHS Gender Identity Clinic, once referred by a GP, can be as long as five years.

The Labour Party’s NEC statement reiterates the right of trans women to access women’s shortlists, roles and spaces within the Labour Party, as well as commitment to “reforming the Gender Recognition Act and Equality Act 2010 to ensure that they protect trans people”


There is no conflict between the rights of trans and cis women. Sex-based rights and gender-based rights are advanced when fights against all forms of gendered oppression are incorporated into the broader class struggle. 


To support changes which make it easier and cheaper to change legal gender. Trans people should be able to legally change their gender without any costs, with minimal bureaucratic hurdles.

To reaffirm our commitment to the fight for trans rights and liberation as part of wider feminist and socialist struggle, as well as other emancipatory struggles against oppression.

To campaign for better provision of holistic gender identity services and trans healthcare. This should be provided in an NHS in public ownership, with adequate funding and under democratic control.

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