All Momentum Internationalists bulletins and CAC reports from Labour 2021

MI daily bulletins, and the CAC reports giving details of votes and conference decisions

Momentum Internationalists daily bulletins at Labour Party conference 2021:

MI bulletin 1 (Saturday 25 September)
MI bulletin 2 (Sunday 26 September)
MI bulletin 3 (Monday 27 September)
MI bulletin 4 (Tuesday 28 September)
MI bulletin 5 (Wednesday 29 September)

Labour Party Conference Arrangements Committee reports with motions, details of votes, other conference information and updates:

All motions submitted to conference (published 16 September)
CAC report 1 (Saturday 25 September)
CAC report 2 (Sunday 26 September)
CAC report 3 (Monday 27 September)
CAC report 4 (Tuesday 28 September)
CAC report 5 (Wednesday 29 September)

There is a useful summary of the policy motions and votes on them at Labour List:

and of the rule changes at

Here, also on Labour List, a summary of the policies “announced” by front-bench speakers in Brighton

Conference Youtube live stream links

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