600 Labour members, MPs, former MEPs and trade unionists tell Starmer: no support for the Tories’ Brexit plans!

Over 600 Labour members, including MPs and trade unionists, signed a call initiated by L4SE and AEIP opposing Labour support for the Tories’ Brexit deal.

Reposted from Labour for a Socialist Europe

In the run up to the parliamentary vote on the Tories’ Brexit deal, over 600 Labour members, including MPs, former Members of the European Parliament, trade unionists and others, signed a call initiated by L4SE and Another Europe is Possible opposing support for the deal.

The deal has passed – but the issues raised by it are still very much with us, as the Tories’ disastrous Brexit plans continue to unfold. We publish the statement and the full list of signatories for the record but also as a contribution to the coming battles.


After years of posturing and delay, Boris Johnson has finally announced that a trade deal with the EU has been agreed. The backdrop to the deal is a profound crisis, marked by the government’s mismanagement of Covid. Recent days have witnessed panic, job losses and chaos at the border, but rather than seek any form of extension to the Brexit transition period, the government has ploughed ahead.

This deal is a substantial downgrade of the UK’s relationship with the EU, and is designed to open the door to rampant economic deregulation – a loss of rights and protections for workers, the environment, food standards and many other areas of life. From January 1st, UK citizens will no longer have the right to live and work in Europe, and many European migrants who have made their home in the UK will face an uncertain future. Future trade deals could now entrench the privatisation of the NHS and other public services. We are witnessing an act of vandalism against our livelihoods, our rights and our horizons.

Given the government’s majority, it is a foregone conclusion that the deal will pass in parliament, but this deal will not ‘get Brexit done’: negotiations over trade and regulatory frameworks will go on and on for years to come. The vital task now is opposition: proper parliamentary scrutiny of this and all future trade deals, and the setting out of an alternative future in which we not only regain the rights and jobs we have lost, but become a better and more equal society. That task gets harder if opposition parties fall into the trap of rallying around this rotten deal.

We call on Labour, the labour movement and other opposition parties not to support the Tories’ Brexit deal when it is put to a vote in the House of Commons.

Initial signatories:

John McDonnell MP
Clive Lewis MP
Ben Bradshaw MP
Paul Mason, author of Postcapitalism
Laura Parker, former Momentum national coordinator
Lord Adonis
Tom Kibasi, economist 
Sandy Martin, former MP for Ipswich
Alan Simpson, former MP for Nottingham South
John Austin, former MP Woolwich/Erith & Thamesmead
Anna Turley, former MP for Redcar
Michael Chessum, Another Europe is Possible
Sandy Paul, Labour for a Socialist Europe 
Richard Corbett, leader of the Labour Party group of MEPs 2017 to 2020
Glyn Ford, leader of the Labour Party group of MEPs 1989 to 1993 
Mary Kaldor, Professor of Global Governance at the LSE
Ana Oppenheim, Momentum national coordinating group member (pc)
Abbie Clark, Momentum national coordinating group member (pc)
Fran Springfield, co-Chair of Disability Labour (pc)
Joan Twelves, former leader of Lambeth Council
Shaista Aziz, Oxford Labour councillor anti-racist activist
Zoe Williams, journalist 
James Meadway, economist
Pat Murphy, NEU national executive (pc)
John Moloney, PCS assistant general secretary (pc)
Julie Ward, former MEP for the North West
Mary Honeyball, Former Labour MEP for London
Jude Kirton-Darling, Former Labour MEP for NE England
David Martin, Former Labour MEP for Scotland
Lynne Jones, Former Labour MP for Birmingham Selly Oak
Heather Wakefield, former Assistant general secretary of Unison
Valerie Bossman-Quarshie, Islington North CLP
Andrea Pisauro, Manifesto di Londra and Take a Break from Brexit
John Palmer, Former European Editor of The Guardian
Niccolo Milanese, European Alternatives
Martin Shaw, sociologist 
Chris Bertram, Emeritus Professor of Social and Political Philosophy at the University of Bristol
Eleni Andreouli, Senior Lecturer in Psychology and Counselling, Open University
Luke Cooper, LSE Conflict and Civil Society Research Unit
Cat Villiers, film producer
Brian Channer, Lewisham East CLP
Andreas Wittel,  Nottingham Trent University
Sally Brooks, Department of Social Policy and Social Work, University of York
Kathy Bole, Suffolk County Councillor 
Mike Buckley, Labour for a European Future

Then supported by:

Rosalynne Birch, Oldham East and Saddleworth ,Unite, VC Oldham Labour Group

Cllr Dr Charles Smith,Bridgend. Executive County Councillor,Unison,  UCU

Tony Mayer, North Swindon, former Leader Swindon (then Thamesdown) Borough Council

Chris Kirk,Past Electoral Organiser, Past Cllr, Election Agent, member 45 years.

Cllr Laura Robertson-Collins,Councillor on Liverpool City Council, Cabinet Member for Environment,  Liverpool City Council

Alan Gibbons, Liverpool Walton Secretary (currently suspended),Unite and NEU

Mike Roberts, Aldershot CLP, Cllr, Labour Business

Councillor Nick Small, Liverpool Riverside CLP,GMB

Peter Chowney, Hastings & Rye (Hastings Borough Councillor),Unite

Keith Owen, Branch chair, Exeter CLP, Labour councillor

Hilary Fraser, Bath CLP former councillor party chair ,NEU

Iain Layden, Milton Keynes South, Parish Councillor

Gareth Daniel, Ealing North CLP – former PPC and GLC/London borough councillor, Retired

Pauline Hickey, Cogleton CLP. Town Councillor Cledford Ward, Middlewich, Cheshire, Unison and GMB

Christine Hulme, Slough, Councillor, Unite

David Rosenberg, Islington North CLP Political Education Officer (personal capacity here),NEU, UNITE community

Tony McLean, Inverness Teuchter CLP, Secretary ,Unite the Union

Penny Wrout, Hackney South and Shoreditch, CLP co-secretary and councillor for Victoria Ward, UCU

George Wilson ,South West Surrey ,Councillor 

Nayra Bello Oshanahan,Camden Labour Councillor,Councillor Swiss Cottage

Magi Young, Exeter CLP, Community member

Colin Hall, Leicester East,Former Member and Lord Mayor, Leicester City Council

Owain Gardner, North West Durham CLP, Weardale BLP Secretary & CLP Executive Member, Unite the Union, The Musicians Union & UCU

Graham Crane, Hastings central branch secretary, Ucu prospect

Rosalind Griffiths

Dr Jayne Hamilton,software engineer, activist against damaging Brexits,member cross border services provision work group

Sacha Marten,Tonbridge and Malling, VC Membership and LGBT+ Officer, Birkbeck College Student Council, Politics Academic Rep.

Dan Davison, Mole Valley CLP,UCU

Chris Marks, Lewisham Deptford, PCS National Executive (pc)

Martin Thomas,Islington South,NEU

Fiona Murray,Halesowen and Rowley Regis,Unison

Arunica Hom-Choudhury

Martin Warne,West Ham,GC delegate (Co-operative Party)

Kate Chaplin,Teacher,NEU

Elisabetta Micklewright ,,

Mark Allen,Exeter CLP,North Exe

Laura Vogel, Bromley and Chislehurst, Campaign Coordinator 

Chris Baldwin

Andy Warren,Lewisham Deptford,FBU

Benjamin White,,Prospect

Ruth KEYNES ,Brighton Pavilion ,Retired 

Jordan Cooper,Vauxhall CLP,

Joseph Lynn,Bethnal Green & Bow member,

Josh Lovell,Stevenage CLP,Cambridge UCU (pc)

Michael Morris ,Tynemouth ,Unison

Peter Cuthbert,Ceredigion, ,

Jill Owen,Exeter CLP,

Paul Davies,Wallasey Chair,Unite

Morag Cumming,Nottingham East,Unison

Mike knowled,Exeter ,Unison 

John Stuttle,TULO, Vauxhall CLP,Father of the Unite Chapel, Guardian and Observer

Terry Conway,Islington North LGBT officer,Chair Hackney and Islington Unite Community

Maggie Dunn,Islington North CLP,UNISON

Fred Leplat,Finchley & Golders Green,UNISON

Ian Parker ,Manchester Withington ,Unite

Julia Bard,Delegate to GM,NUJ

David Ball,Finchley and Golders Green CLP,Unison; NEU

Pete Firmin,(suspended) chair, Hampstead & Kilburn CLP,retired CWU member, vice chair, Brent Trades Council

Dawn Judd, Preston CLP,Unite Community 

Bridget Brown, Unison member

David Rosenberg,Islington North CLP Political Education Officer (personal capacity here),NEU, UNITE community

Jeremy Maher,Islington North CLP, Environmental officer

Philip Ward,Sheffield Central,UNISON

Janis Beavon, Bristol South

Meg van Rooyen ,Warwick & Leamington ,Unison 

Emily Walsh Bristol West ,Ucu

Sacha Ismail,Streatham (unjustly expelled),Unite

Simon Pearson,TSSA

P Mullan,Banbury 

Laura Knowles,Nottingham South,Unite Community

John Lea,Islington North,sociologist

Stan Crooke,Glasgow Shettleston CLP,Unite and GMB

Steve Chapman,Sheffield Heeley,Unite

Roxana,Winchester CLP,GMB

Liz Gwynne,Weaver Vale Labour party member

Annie McCourr,Sedgefield ,Unite

Stephen Lintott,,Retired

Diane Sempare,CLP member ,Unite community 

Charlie Davies,Branch Secretary and Policy Officer,

Geoff Ryan,Carmarthen East and Dynefwr,Retired mental health nurse

Tony Foley ,Warley CLP ,NEU 

Lynda Cox

Tony Buckley,Exeter

Mark Findlay,Brighton Pavilion,Unite

andy kakembo,Vauxhall,Vauxhall CLP

Catriona Lischka,Vauxhall CLP,Unite Community

David Kirk,Leeds West,Unite

Stephen Campion ,Rushcliffe CLP

Abel Harvie-Clark, Newcastle East

Martin Timson ,Liverpool Riverside ,Unison (rep)

Dave Barter,Labour Party member,NEU member

Clare Brown,Broxtowe CLP, Another Europe is Possible

Kristian Ravnkilde ,Broxtowe ,Unite Community 

Rosie Faith-Strutt,Lancaster and Fleetwood

Jon Rogers,Chair, Brighton Pavilion CLP,Retired member, Lambeth UNISON

Lynn Morris, Former Editor, Open Labour

Chrissie Tiller,Hackney South and Shoreditch CLP,Women’s Officer

Ayo Adebiyi ,Canterbury & Whitstable ,Ex Unison 

F J Harper,Ealing – Mandeville North ,NUT

Digger Johnston,Lewisham East,

Alison Higgs,Streatham,UCU rep

Dave Levy,Lewisham Deptford GC Delegate,GMB Branch President (Persoanl Capacity)

Bob Sutton,Croydon North. Crystal Palace Upper Norwood brach Vice Chair,Unite construction

John Buckell,Northampton South,NEU

Emily Tilly (Pritty),Vice chair membership ,Member of LME and Society of Labour Lawyers

Azhar Malik,INCLP,BMA, SHA

Roland Rance,Walthamstow CLP,Treasurer, East London Unite Community

Bruce Robinson, Stockport,Unite

Brian Cantrill, Another Europe Is Possible and PCS (ARMS)

Dermot Gleeson, Sheffield Hallam,British Medical Association

Andrew Chadwick, Previously visiting professor in Biology at Salford University, and a life sciences Principal Consultant working around Europe, thus a services exporter.

Paul Horn,Dulwich and West Norwood, Unite Delegate,Unite, Prospect

Natacha Kennedy,Eltham,UCU

Guy Falkenau,North Tyneside, Benton Ward ,Former member of NUT and GMB ( now retired)

Mike O’Neill,Abingdon & Oxford West,Unite

Matt Ruane,Member,

Graham Smith, elected chair of North Cornwall CLP (currently suspended),NUJ

Norman Traub,Southend West,Keep Our NHS Public

Dave Burn,Finchley and Golders Green,

Norman Traub,Southend Wesr,Pensioner

Darren Cogavin,South Basildon and East Thurrock CLP,UCU

Duncan Morrison,Lewisham Deptford, GC delegate,Lewisham NEU, Branch Secretary

Tom Pottrill,Stourbridge ,

Helen Jenkins,Nottingham East ,UCU

Marie-Louise Rabe,Croydon CLP no position, ordinary member,

Mica Nava,Islington North delegate,UCU 

Kyle Bellamy,Edinburgh Northern and Leith,UNISON

Richard Litwinczuk,Milton Keynes North,GMB

Viyaasan Mahalingasivam,Harrow West,BMA

Erica Levy ,Hornsey and Wood green ,UCU

Seema Syeda,Limehouse and Poplar,Legal Sector Workers United Regional Officer (personal capacity)

Brian Cantrill,Not a Labour Party member,Another Europe Is Possible and PCS(ARMS)

Sue Mew,Walthamstow CLP,UNITE

Ros Davis,  previously branch chair then chair, then secretary,NATFHE, 

Steve Power,Wirral West,Unite

Nicholas Simon,Wansbeck CLP  (Ordinary member),

Seema Syeda,Limehouse and Poplar,Legal Sector Workers United Regional Officer (personal capacity)

Barbara Segal,Another Europe is Possible member,UCU member and Rep on Bristol Trades Council

Martin McCloghry,Ward Organiser,Community

Daniel Nichols,Romford,Political Officer

Philip Whitney,Derbyshire Dales CLP (Auditor)  Wirksworth Branch Treasurer. Former Election Agent for Amber Valley CLP,NEU

Ken Brooks, , 

Stephen roberts ,Rhondda,

Celia Clarke,Hackney North &Stoke Newington,Unite

Vicki Lackenby ,Blaydon ,Unite

Angela Stewart-Park,Islington North,Unite member

Janine Booth,Women’s Officer, Lewes CLP (personal capacity),RMT (personal capacity)

James Chespy ,Gillingham and Rainham ,GMB and Unite Community 

Roger Wells,Not a member.,Co-operative Party

Jan Burgess,Sheffield CENTRAL,NUJ

Linda Burnip,Stratford-on-Avon,Disabled People Against Cuts, Unison

Matthew Brighton,Norwich South,Unison

Dawn Judd,Preston CLP,UNITE 

Peter Wilson,Luton South ,Equity 

Jeremy Lynton,Poplar & Limehouse,

Jeremy Drinkall,Camberwell & Peckham,Lambeth Unison Schools Convenor

Terry pomroy,Cotswold , Cirencester ,Unite 

Stephen tompsett ,Winchester ,

Patricia Brewerton ,Islington North. Ward secretary ,Ward secretary 

susan burdell,nil – common or garden citizen…,nil

Colin Walmsley,newcastle,

Andrew Daggett,North Hampshire,. Retired.

Vijay Jackson,Political Education Officer of Edinburgh Central CLP,PCS

Alan Pearson,Campaign officer. ,Unite

Gerard Johnson,Lewisham Deptford CLP,

Sheila Ravnkilde,Broxtowe,Unite Community

Anne McHardy,Islington North,NUJ

Andrew Wincott,Selby and Ainsty,

James Ross,Leyton and Wanstead,Unite

Margaret Duckett ,Member ,No 

Keith Reader,Islington North,UCU (but long retired)

John Garrett,Coventry South,

David Songhurst,Member North Wiltshire CLP,

Daniel Key,Bristol East Labour Party,Unite

Roger Berry,Bristol East,Former MP for Kingswood

Sarah Parker,Not member of Labour Party,Unite Community member

Eunice Kenny,,

Alan Richardson,East Kilbride Strathaven Lesmahagow,EIS

Pete Radcliff,Broxtowe Momentum,Unite Community Nottingham

  Nico Pollen,Vauxhall,Disability Labour (Exec member)

Glyn Hambrook,Harrogate & Knaresborough,UCU (Retired member)

  1. Beaumont & Family,,Unison


Anne Hollows,Sheffield Hallam,UCU

Terry Walker,Brighton Pavilion,

Liz Mayo,Pontypridd,NAHT life member

Mike Cowley,Edinburgh North and Leith,EIS FELA

Natalie Monaghan ,Glasgow Southside ,PCS

Avril Alexander ,Oxford East ,

Sandy,High Peak,.

Kate Penning,East Herts ,NEU rep

Dr Stewart Eames,Ex-member, Cambridge CLP,

lesley moore,Annfield Plain,

Emilie Carr,broxtowe,prospect

Linda Milbourne,Streatham constituency, Brixton Hill branch Chair,UCU

Sarah Perrigo,Leeds NE political Education Officer,Retired 

Maggie Wilson,Member of the party,Member of Unison

Dr Stewart Eames,Ex-member, Cambridge CLP,

kila millidine,Preseli/Pembs,Ex Unison, now retired

Richard Raftery ,Roundhay Labour Party TULO,NEU Life member

Anthony Richardson,Oxford East ,Unite

paula Black,North East Somerset , Women’s officer ,national education union, work place union representative

Robert Buckingham,Tewkesbury,Unite

Steve Rouse,OK to contact me,Swindon for Europe 

Cindy Torn,Exeter ,NAS/UWT

Colin O Driscoll,Labour International,Vice-Chair

Deri Cronin,Dulwich and West Norwood,GMB

Russell Carr,Camberwell and Peckham CLP,PCS Tate United, Branch Organiser

Ian Martin,Exeter ,UNITE 

Katharine Hobbs,Dulwich and West Norwood,Unite CLP delegate

George Grime,CLP Policy Officer, Branch Chair,

Janet Cashman ,,Unite Community branch 

Alfredo Saad Filho,Dulwich and West Norwood,BAME officer

Aneesa Peer,DAWN ,Unite 

Paul cooper,Lewisham and Deptford Delegate,Unite

Helen Carr,Tulse Hill Branch, Streatham – Assistant Sec.,NEU

Malcolm Coad,International (Americas),NUJ

Matthew Heaney,Labour International CLP,(German trade union) ver.di

Tony Gard,Lewisham Deptford,NEU

Karen Symes,,

malcolm & linda witherington,warwick,retired

Helen Jenkins,Nottingham East ,UCU

Jenny Secretan ,Delegate ,

C Jane Kaczynski ,Women’s officer Edinburgh Southern,EIS member

Mike Cushman,Streatham,former UCU Branch Secretary

Ray Corness,Wirral South,Retired

Jan White,Labour voter,Unison rep

Saleha Jaffer,Streatham ,No

Nicola Mathers ,Waveney, secretary NW branch ,Unite

Mary Talbot,Sunderland Central, member,UCU, retired member

Mary Wyatt,Suffolk Coastal CLP – Branch Rep to EC,Member Labour Party

Janie Seal,Sefton Central CLP,

Nigel Grant,Streatham,Unison

Annette Ross,Labour Party Member,Equity

Jenny Manson,finchley and golders Green,unite community and the FDA

Timothy Watson,Wirral West,Unite Community

Angie Mindel ,Nottingham East,Neu, retired

Nik Barstow,Stretford & Urmston CLP,Unite the union

Yvonne Bruce,Edinburgh North and Leith,Unite

C Zardi,,

John Watkins,Assistant Agent,UNITE

Bob Maltz,Hornsey & Wood Green, GC delegate,Unison (retired)

Steven Carver,Glasgow South CLP,

Debbie Friedman,Finchley & Golders Green,

Tina Yemm,Nottingham East,NEU

Peter Jackson,Lewes,UCU

Susan Chergui,,

Jane Lawson,Withington CLP,Unite

Julian Swainson,Norwich South,NUJ & Unite

James Richards ,West Norfolk,UCL

Jim Denham,Unite delegate to Selly Oak CLP,Unite, Musicians Union

John Brooke,Manchester Gorton,UCU

John Cannan,Hastings and Rye ,GMB

Dan cardwell,Maidstone and Weald; Press officer and Co-membership officer ,

Maria Villa Vine,Isle of Wight ,Southern Health NHS

Joanne Simpson,Member,

Emma Hawes,City of Chester,

Marie-Claire Ohsan Berthelsen,Oxford West and Abingdon,

Deborah Orr,Vice Chair Policy, Makerfield CLP,Unite member 

Peter Brimson,Leyton and Wanstead,

Dan cardwell,Maidstone and Weald; Press officer and Co-membership officer ,

Simon Walsworth,Streatham Wells,

Susan Fairweather,St Austell and Newquay, Branch Sec,

Michael Tierney,South Cambridgeshire- member,Prospect-member

Mark Jones,Aldershot CLP,Unite the Union & The Cooperative Party

Allan Challenger,Manchester Gorton,Unison

Mike Wildson,Mitcham and Morden CLP,

Rosalind Austin,Camberwell and Peckham  (Women’s Officer),Unite

Graham Barrett,Brent Central CLP,Unite

Patrick Jenkins,Greenwich and Woolwich ,NEU

Chris Billing,Totnes CLP,Nautilus UK

Konnie Lloyd,Broxtowe,Retired – formerly UNISON

Barry Buitekant,Hackney North and Stoke Newington CLP,USDAW

John Kelly, Broxtowe,

John Edwin Porter,Portsmouth North,

Wanda Lozinska,Stroud,Unite

Wanda Lozinska,Stroud,Unite

Linda Youd,South Lakes CLP,Unison

Tracy Murphy ,Vice Chair Membership (past post). ,

Sandie Foord,Assistant auditor,BECTU

Murray Glickman ,Ilford South CLP GC member,UCU

Malcolm Hunter,Leicester South,UNISON

Natasha Steele,Beighton,NEU School Representative

Mike Howard,Hastings &Rye,Unison & Unite Community 

Stephen Andrews,Birkenhead CLP: Vice Chair/Membership Officer ,Unite the Union: NEU

Terry Barry ,Islington N  delegate,

Helen Lenoel

Patrick Blandford ,Taunton Deane,NA

Howard Ricketts ,Stevenage ,Unite 

Jean Watson,Bedford Disability officer,Unite

Christopher Warwick,Glasgow Shettleston ,PCS ARMS

Richard Stifter,,Retired member Unison

Clare Bickle,Sherwood,Unite

Kay Ecclestone,St Austell & Newquay, IT Co-ordinator,NEU, CILIP-SW

Bernard Forbes,Labour International,

Ana María Pizarro,,USS, retired

Charlotte Forbes ,,.

Lawrence Welch,Durham City,Unite

mark austin hayward,shrewsbury & atcham CLP,NEU

Zofia Helm,Non,Non

Jonny evans,Islington north, former ward organiser and delegate,Nuj

Kady Tait,Dulwich & West Norwood,Secretary, Red Flag 

Steve Raggett,Coseley,

Catherine Lee-Cowan,Durham City,GMB member

Suzanne Wilson,Islington North,Recently retired. Unite 

Willie McKenna,Recently resigned member Wealden CLP.,Retired

Catherine  Reynolds,former Treasurer ,Unison 

John Lomas-Clarke,Shipley,Retired

Reuben,Hastings and Rye CLP,  Co-Political Education Officer,Unison

Daphne Bone ,Broxtowe Labour Party, Nottingham Keep our NHS Public Treasurer and Steering Group delegate 

Helen Wallage,Workington ,

Ian Christian,Chesterfield CLP,Unite Community

Joern Janssen,delegate to Islington South constituency,CLR

Judith King,Walsall South,BMA (Retired GP)

Eva Burnett,Leyton,member

Tony Gothard,Skipton and Ripon,Retired Unison member

Adam Thompson ,Bermondsey and Old Southwark ,TSSA

Matt Kerr,Glasgow Pollok,CWU

Margaret Brown,Member,Unison

Chris Beatty,Buckingham CLP – Secretary,

Ian Ampleford,Bassetlaw,North Notts Unite Community, Secretary

Laurence Godfrey,,. A registered UK voter

Elaine McKenzie,Poplar and Limehouse,

Mary Owen,Pudsey,NEI

Charli Langford,Bethnal green and bow,Retired

Karen Tily,Ealing North TULO,ASLEF 

Charli Langford,Bethnal Green and Bow,Retired

Andy Heath,Digital Lead Penistone & Stocksbridge CLP,Axelrod Access for All : Accessibility Consultant

Sally scriminger ,Dulwich ,

Susan Pashkoff,Leyton and Wanstead CLP,  women’s officer,East London Unite Community 

Tom McCormick,Wrexham CLP,NASUWT rep

Roger Shepherd,Bristol West,

Glenis Williamson ,Lewisham west ,Unison 

mike brooke

Jay Kramer,Hastings & Rye CLP Vice-Chair,Unite

Ray Gerlach,Group Liaison Officer,

Dean Eaketts,Gloucester Labour Party,Usdaw

Iain Mentiply ,Greenwich CLP. ,Unison

Linda Heiden,Streatham CLP Women’s Officer,Unite Community (Lambeth & Southwark Branch)

Marie Lomas-Clarke,Shipley , 

Joan Allwright,Labour Party member,

Bridget Davison ,Suffolk Coastal ,Unison 

Philip Whitney,Derbyshire Dales (Auditor), Wirksworth Branch (Treasurer), Former Agent – Amber Valley CLP,NEU

Marilyn Walsh,Member Bolton North East,Member Unison

Sabine Ebert-Forbes ,Keighley&Ilkley, VC Campaigns,Unison

Berry Beaumont,Hornsey,Doctor

William Ellis,East Surrey,

Mark Parsons,Streatham,Retired

Bernadette Barton,Denton and Reddish,Unison

Tim Hampton ,Newcastle under Lyme ,

Alex Kershaw,Tewkesbury,GMB

Steven Smith,Poplar and Limehouse CLP , 

David Scott,Lewisham Deptford GC delegate,Unite Community,I agree,NEU

Annie Wenn,Harborough CLP,

Linda Gamston,Rotherham- member,

Ann Wright,Hornsey and Wood Green,NUJ

Christopher Ford ,Walthamstow clp,Gmb

Carl Marten,CLP Secretary, Tonbridge and Malling,NA

John Windsor,Bristol North West , now

Sandra Wyman,Leeds NE CLP Disability Officer,NEU

James Doran,Darlington,Unite

Graham Martin,York,IWGB

Kate Blair,West Dorset,Retired

Alistair Greaves,York Central CLP Social Events and Fundraising Co-Ordinator,GMB

Mick Sidaway ,North Norfolk ,RMT

Christine wardlow-Kaye,I live in a Tory stronghold,

Allan Clifford ,Leeds NE CLP,NEU Rep

Seamus Mac Bride, Streathan,Unite

Stuart Jordan,Lewisham Deptford CLP,Unison

Jeffrey Joshua Rollin,Newcastle Central,GMB

Linda Clarke,Branch chair, CLP Environmental Officer,UCU, Health and Safety rep

Michael Green,Brighton Kemptown ,UCU 

Hannah Sawtell,Nottingham East,Artists Union

Jonathan Jeffries,Walthamstow,Trade Union education co-ordinator

Joanne Harris,Fulham & Chelsea CLP,Branch Secretary Unite

Pien Maltz-Klaar,Hornsey Woodgreen constituenci member,Nalgo retired

Tony Byrne,Newark, Secretary,RMT branch chair, ASLEF

Sue Rossiter,Bethnal Green and Bow CLP Chair,GMB 

Judith Hible,Chippenham,PDU

Julian Evans,Bristol West,Chartered Institute of Journalists

Pat Markey,Chair, Castle Branch (N’ton South CLP),Secretart Northampton District NEU

Daisy Leitch,Brighton Pavilion,no

Andy Blackburn ,Argyii and Bute,Retired

PHIL JOHNSON,Labour party member,

Di Murray


Naomi Wynter-Vincent,Luton South,

Ann Prosser,,

Lila Guha,Leyton & Wanstead, ,CSPA, 

Les Webb,Leeds NW,

Kevin Flint,Chesterfield, member,

Julie Lauwerys ,Branch secretary 

Nicholas Caines,Clp weston super mare ,Unison branch chair

Carol Milner,Coventry North West,PCS (ARMS)

Les Ward,Hull West and Hessle,Labour party member

Claire Gripton,Member,RCN

Dan Mcmahon,Member Redruth and Camborne,

Kas Witana,Political Education Officer Penistone and Stocksbridge CLP,Unison

Karen Law,Crewe and Nantwich member,

P Jones,Bermondsey & Old Southwark,Unite

Mr Derek Snowden,member,cwu

Rosemary A Radcliffe,Fulham % Chelsea CLP, former member of H&F Council, CBE,Self-employed

Martin Gould,member,Martin Gould

Glenn Martin

Jo Wilkinson,Hexham,

Hilary Saunders,Bristol South,Retired 

timothy stiles,north herefordshire clp,retired

Alex Barlow,Wells CLP,Delegate

Sandra King ,Newton Abbot 

Paul Harrop,East Hertfordshire ,UNISON

Kelvin White

Ann Hallett,Newbridge,

Catherine Marsden,Manchester Gorton CLP,CWU

Michael Hunter,Gateshead,CWU

Sue Mew,Walthamstow CLP,UNITE

Rosemary A Radcliffe,Former member of H&F Council, former CLP Treasurer and Vice-Chair, CBE,Self-employed

Diana Carney,Hexham CLP, Minutes Secretary,

Theresa Elizabeth Freeman,North Durham, – retired

William Brown,Sheffield Hallam CLP member,UCU ordinary member

Sue Kay,Calder Valley ,UCU

Gerlinda Rehberg,Norwich South,

Kathryn Wilson ,Bristol West,

Sue Kay,Calder Valley ,UCU

Tim McCann ,Warrington South CLP,Prospect

Tina wallace,,Belonged to unite till retirement

ROY COLLIER,Derbyshire Dales Ashbourne branch,FBU station rep. 

Andrew Jordan,Lincoln Sincil Bank,UCU

Simon Weaver

Rosemary A Radcliffe,Chelsea & Fulham CLP, former member of H&F Council, CBE ,Self-employed

Richard Laurence Allwright,Formery Lancaster and Fleetwood, now in Norfolk,UCU

David Brown,Hastings and Rye member,Retired

Hazel Palmer,Labour member; no positions held,

Helen Pickering,Leeds NW

Mr Brian McPherson,Support er,Unite

Susan Christian

Darren Caudle,Cardiff North CLP,Professional affiliations

Stephen Keyworth,Norwich South,WGGB

Graham Crane,Hastings central branch secretary,Ucu prospect

Deborah Lawrence-Wilson,Oxford West and Abingdon,

Noel Hannon,Vauxhall ,CWU

Charles Pendlebury,Altrincham clp,Gmb shop steward

Donna Sidonio,Calder Valley,

Rachel Boulton ,Hornsey and Wood Green , 

Wendy alstin,Bury st edmunds,Retired

Rita Mendelson,Newcastle Central CLP, – retired

Linda Goldsmith,,Unison member, BASP member

Rob Gawthrop,Sheffield Central, member,UCU member

Joe Painter,Gateshead CLP,University and College Union

Julian Harvey,Labour Party member, Somerton and Frome,Unison

Roger Coates, NUM Member 

Elizabeth Duke,Staffordshire Moorlands ,No position held- now retired ex-PCS member

John Tressillian,Labour,Unison

Graham Steel,,UNISON

Paul Mackney ,Chipping Barnet CLP Executive mamber,Former UCU/Natfhe Gen Sec, UNITE Retired Branch delegate to CLP

Jo Millett,Sheffield Central,retired

colin millard,member,ucu

Richard Thurston,Oxford,GMB

Tina Clayton, East Middleton

Chris Dommett,Cambridge,NEU

Katharine Sheehy Brade,Aberconwy,Unison

Linda Harvey 

Andy Turner,Mid Derbyshire CLP,ASLEF

Paul Grover

Jennifer Jousiffe,Member, Exeter CLP,Retired

Chris Barker,Hornsey and Wood Green,

Jane McIntosh,Member. No positions,

Sue Vaughan,SNCLP member,Nil

Geoff Taylor,Guildford CLP,

Chris Billing,Totnes CLP,Nautilus UK

Andrew Robinson,,

Sue Kay,Calder Valley ,UCU

Steven Everitt

Liz Parkes,TSSA

Joanne Burnett,Leicester,Self employed selling services to EU countries

Sue Willetts,Hendon. North, ,IGWB

mark austin hayward,shrewsbury and atcham CLP, NEU

Konnie Lloyd,Broxtowe,Retired UNISON

Stephen Armstrong,Lewisham East,Retired Headteacher

Philippa Gardom,Bristol North West ,UCU

emma rosamund tristram,arundel,arundel bypass neighbourhood committee

Philip White, Member, Sheffield Central,Consultant economist for UN and UK Aid

Alicia Marshall,Witney CLP, at present, previously UNISON

Chris Jones

Jeffery Piper,Labour International,Union Syndicale

Daniel Calvert,Tooting CLP,Unite

Claire McArthur,East Finchley

Robin Woods,Eastleigh

Rachel Hubbard,Carlisle, LGBT Officer,Unite Community

John Lipetz,Hampstead & Kilburn,Unite

Trevor Hyett,Battersea; ordinary member,Musicians’ Union; ordinary member

Rosalind Cooke,Bromsgrove CLP EU co-ordinator,The Co-operative party

Calvin Malham,Newquay and St Austell,

Chris Jefferies,Bristol West,

Angela Royston 

Jack Crossley, Hove

Cathy Crowther, Berwick Upon Tweed CLP, Unite Community Member

Hugh Williams,Lancaster/South Warwickshire,UCU

John Ryan,Malton and Norton

James Mercer, Dorset East

Jane Caplan,Labour party member, Oxford East,UCU member

Humphrey Woods, Bristol East

David Cunningham, Labour member, South Staffordshire, PCS

David Urwin

Colin Jackson, Inverclyde councillor, Unite, Greenock

Ev Hesketh, Chelsea and Fulham

Kathleen Parker, Wirral West and Saughall Massie none

Janet Foy, Manchester

Frances Elizabeth Crane, Coventry North West, Unite, Coventry

Andrew Asquith, Leeds North West

Stuart Graham, Greenock and Inverclyde, Unite, Greenock

Jane, West Oxford. Oxford

Chris Rust, Oxford East, Oxford

Jean Buckler, Wells, Somerset

Janet Matthews, North West Durham, Weardale Branch Chair, CLP Executive Delegate, Unite Community

Jacqueline Rice, North Lincolnshire

Anne Barry, Brighton Kemptown, ex-CLP Secretary.

Susan Foreman, Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland, NASUWT, Middlesbrough

Chris Rogers, London

Steve Noel, South Cambs

Roland England, Chipping Barnet CLP

Jean Churm, York Central

Jennie Turner , Lewisham West & Penge, National Education Union

Karen Mazzon, Unite Member, Shepperton

David Connolly, North Durham, Unite

Eleonore Kofman, Islington North, UCU, Branch Executive

Vera-Anne Smith, Walton and Hersham Labour Party

Angela Taylor, Edmonton, BECTU

Lesley Merchant, Chesterfield

Mike Dolan, Weaver Vale, Prospect

Stefano Casalotti, Hampstead and Kilburn, UCU
Janet Patiece, London

Patrick Lonergan, Woking CLP , campaign officer, Unison

Mike Rowley, Unite. Oxford

Allison Drew

Jennie Musson, New Forest East, Unite, Southampton

Susan mathieson, Newcastle East, UCU

John Garrett, Coventry

Nicky Bashall, Colne Valley

Sandi Harris, Bermondsey & Old Southwark

Jerry Elsmore, Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough, Unite Branch Chair NE/208/6

Janet Nielsen, Woking

Susan StephensonIngleby Barwick

David Worrall, SW Herts, Unison

Niek Goorman, Woking

Gary Griffiths, Woking, Unite

Anthony Stapleton, Edmonton

Sue Underwood, Bath and NE Somerset

Elias Papanagiotou, Manchester Gorton member

Jacqueline Rogers, Sutton Coldfield

Beki Moon, Falmouth

Lisa latham, Lewisham and Penge

Bridget Thompson, Dore and Totley

Mark Chivers, Mid Dorset & North Poole, Unite member

Sarah Barratt, Altrincham and Sale West

Louise McIntosh, Unison, Bath

John Bainbridge, Penrith

Ms Tinka Gordon, DAWN, Unite

Dermot O’Hara, West Lancashire

Sue Ly, Preston, Unison

Felicity Taylor , Holborn and St Pancras
Lizzie White, Bristol West CLP

David Birch

Margo Sheridan, Lewisham Deptford

Andrew Hedges, NW Durham, Unite Community

Roger Wells, Co-operative Party, Stourbridge

Kate Gartner, NAPO

Peter Glanton, Dumfries and Galloway

Mrs J Green, Cambridge

James W Fisher, Stockport CLP, Unite Community

Nasie Muhsin, Brent North

Artun Goksan, Southgate

Ken Elmer, Broxtowe, Unison

Carol Westall, Hexham

Mandy Carmichael, Unison, Cambridge

Margaret Simonot, Highbury East Ward Sec, UCU member

Chris Martin, Vice chair, Usdaw Rep, Woking

Ruberta Bisson, Huntingdonshire CLP, Youth Officer

Elizabeth Slater, Dunfermline

Timothy Cooper, Joint TULO Nottingham East, Unison

Alan Thornett, Camberwell and Peckham, Red Green Labour

Kevin Dixon, South Cambs CLP member, Unite

Alec Shelton, Broxtowe CLP and branch chair, Unison

Miriam Carr, Basingstoke, member of the Law Society

Aaron Austin Locke, BLP Chair, ex-CLP secretary and Chair, ex- LCF secretary, Unison, TUC

Hollie Coleman, Co Durham

Patrick Scott, Islington South and Finsbury, National Union of Journalists

Catherine Leech, Bethnal Green & Bow CLP GC member, retired from NAHT

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