Labour, antisemitism and the EHRC – public meeting, 28 January 2021

Dave Renton, Brendan McGeever, and Ruth Cashman speak at an MI Zoom meeting. Register on Eventbrite here.

Momentum Internationalists is hosting a panel discussion to talk about the roots and meaning of antisemitism in the left and what real solutions could be.

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• Dave Renton is a barrister, historian and author. He has written a wide range of books, including several on fascism and how the left and labour movement can fight it.
• Brendan McGeever is a lecturer in the sociology of racism and antisemitism. He is part of the Pears Institute for the study of antisemitism at Birkbeck University.
• Ruth Cashman is an activist in the public sector union Unison

Tackling antisemitism is important for renewing and building the socialist movement in the UK. But to do that we need democracy, education and debate.

2020’s publication of the EHRC report into Labour should have been an occasion for the Labour movement and left to seriously reflect on how to understand and overcome antisemitism.

But that much-needed debate has been drowned out by a wave of suspensions and high-handed bans on discussion from the new Labour leadership.

Instead of disciplinarian panic and factional war from on high, we need to think the issues through.

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