Young Labour Internationalists Manifesto

This is the founding statement of Young Labour Internationalists, we’re looking to build up a grassroots group within Young Labour that focuses on internationalism, class struggle, and saving life on earth. To make our task even easier, we also seek to democratise Young Labour and open it up from cliques and confusion – towards an open culture with independent branches and conference – and into a dynamic socialist youth movement which trains the next generation of the left into trade unionists and activists.
If you’re interested, read our manifesto below, and sign up if you agree.

We’ll be endorsing Benj Eckford for Northern Rep, Robbie Scott for International Rep and Sacha Marten for Student rep

Democracy in Young Labour:

  • Real independence for Young Labour: access to our own data locally and nationally
  • An annual policy conference – not just “from time to time” – and run by YL, not the NEC
  • Clean up clique culture, promote pluralism:
  • Inform members: circulate minutes from all committee meetings, publish our constitution
  • Promote debate: make the website a forum for debate, allow local groups to send motions to the committee, including to mandate our NEC rep.
  • Elections by STV not First Past the Post

Class Struggle:

  • Make YL a school for workplace organisers – train up the next generation of militant trade unionists.
  • Abolish the anti-union laws: make Labour “the party of strikes”. 
  • Mobilise YL support nationally for disputes like the Tower Hamlets council workers’ strike and the NHS workers’ pay movement. 
  • Fight for full employment and a living wage, set at the same level for all age groups.
  • Fight for tenants’ rights: reach out to ACORN and renters’ unions.
  • Tax the rich to rebuild public services.
  • Fight bigotry wherever we find it. Oppose anti-semitism and transphobia, including on the ‘Left’. For Black Lives Matter, trans rights and non-binary acceptance.
  • Calling out misogyny and sexism, and supporting women’s participation at all levels e.g. All Women Shortlists, women co-chairs, training programmes for future candidates.
  • Transform education:
    • Abolish all exams up to and including GCSE stage
    • A living maintenance grant for all post-16 students
    • Abolish fees and make all education and exam resits free
    • Abolish Academies, grammar schools and private schools
    • Bring all education under democratic community, staff and student control.
    • End outsourcing, bring current cleaners, caterers etc. in-house.


  • Uphold 2019 conference policy: close detention centres and defend and extend freedom of movement.
  • Support fights for freedom and democracy in Belarus and Hong Kong. Solidarity with the Uyghur Muslims, the people of Kashmir, LGBT people in Poland and Montenegro and beyond.

Life on Earth:

  • Scrap the UK’s nuclear weapons 
  • For a worker-led, grassroots Socialist Green New Deal: zero carbon by 2030
    • End airport expansion until green air travel is a reality.
    • Nationalise the Grid, energy, water, gas, and telecommunications.
    • Nationalise the banks and finance to fund the transition.
    • Welcome climate refugees and share green technology internationally.
    • Dramatically reduce private car ownership with publicly owned, green, integrated transport and a promotion of ‘active travel’ throughout the UK, combined with a radical program of town centre pedestrianisation.
    • Work nationally and locally with groups such as UK Climate Strike Network, in order to bolster a youth anti-capitalist environmental movement.