Young Labour Internationalist Events

We hold public meetings every Friday evening at 6:30 on Zoom, and business discussions, usually at the weekends.

Upcoming Events:

Friday 25th of September: Climate Strikes – What Can Young Labour Do?

The climate strike movement is reigniting, but broad support of the Labour Party, and Young Labour, has been limited.
Many YL members are involved in these strikes, and they recieve broad support from the public. What can be done to achieve Labour endorsement of these actions, and more importantly, to make the party listen to youth strikers?

Hear speeches from workers, both in the UK and internationally, as well as those coordinating this vibrant movement, and find out how we can build up during these times of COVID.

Past Events:

Friday 18th of September: For Democratic Education!

The battle in schools, colleges and universities, and how socialist activists are fighting back. Presented by Young Labour Internationalists (YLI)
Recent years have seen a number of key struggles led by both young people and educators.

Speakers on:

  • Activism in schools: climate strikes and exam protests, in the age of the Academy.
  • Abolition of GCSEs and other tests!
  • Casualisation of higher education and organisating against it.