Momentum Internationalists is a new network of Momentum members who are coming together around a vision for the Labour left, centred on democracy, class struggle and internationalism.  

If you agree with our ideas and want to help out, this campaign belongs to you. Just sign up to get involved.

You can get in touch with us at team@momentuminternationalists.org

Many of the people involved in Momentum Internationalists have a long record of campaigning for democracy, class struggle and internationalism in Momentum and the wider labour movement. From 2015, many of us were involved in pushing for a pluralist, democratic culture in Momentum, and for outward facing campaigns that were centred on workplaces and social movements, not just internal elections. Many of us led the fight against the leadership ‘coup’ of early 2017.  

Our network includes people who have set up and run successful local groups. We’ve stood for election to the NCG, with some success, every time. Many of us were involved in leading the campaign for free movement and migrant solidarity in Labour; in running strikes and worker solidarity; in campaigning to abolish the anti-union laws; in initiatives around a Green New Deal; and in petitioning and pushing on policy and democracy inside Momentum. 

Many of us have supported groups such as Labour for a Socialist Europe, but Momentum Internationalists is wholly independent of any pre-existing organisation any of us have been involved in. In the coming weeks, we’ll be organising online gatherings of supporters, and we’ll be planning what we’re going to do to play a part in transforming Momentum and the wider left.

We obviously aren’t the only new initiative in Momentum, and we will look to work with and within projects like Forward Momentum who share some of our aims. If you haven’t already signed up for Forward Momentum, do it here.