Our candidates

Voting is open in the Momentum NCG elections until 30th June.

Who we are supporting

Momentum Internationalists endorsed a number of candidates (some of whom ran as MI candidates, some as independents) in the Forward Momentum primaries in May, and three of these candidates were successful. We are also supporting Ruth Cashman, a brilliant trade unionist who was unfairly excluded from the primaries. All in all, we are supporting five candidates:

  • Abbie Clark in Midlands and Eastern
  • Kasun Witana in the Yorkshire, North East, Cumbria, Scotland and International
  • Ruth Cashman in London
  • Ana Oppenheim in London
  • Nadia Whittome in the elected officers category

We are not supporting any candidates in addition to this, but we will be asking all candidates to sign up to the policies contained in our ‘What We Stand For‘ statement and listing them publicly below.

So, if you’re a candidate, and want to sign up to our statement and be listed here, just email team@momentuminternationalists.org

This list will be updated regularly as more candidates sign up.

Candidates who have backed the policies in the ‘what we stand for’ statement

Ruth Cashman
Ana Oppenheim

South East and South
None yet

North West and Wales
None yet

The North, Scotland, and rest of world
Kasun Witana

The Midlands and Eastern
Abbie Clark

Elected representatives
Nadia Whittome